March “Marketing” Madness

Basketball Tourney Triggers Social Media Avalanche!

As a certified “Hoops” junkie, I love March Madness because you get to see great college basketball with lots of games over a few days. The one loss and done mentality makes for great sports drama and there are always upsets which serve to constantly remind the underdog to never lose hope and to persevere against overwhelming odds!

As a marketing consultant, I realized that “March Madness” like the “Super Bowl” ,the World Series and other seminal sporting events are now great examples of the synergistic effects of social media intercourse. Following the NCAA Selection Show on Sunday, there were 17 Million Tweets, Facebook hits and Google searches within 1 hour of the finalization of the tournaments brackets…and since then, the topic has surpassed 100 million. For all my clients who are not using social media or who don’t have links between their websites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are missing the opportunity to interact with their customers on a multi front synergistic platform that is sure to increase their business.   So call me today and lets discuss how Social Media Programs can benefit your business If for no other reason than it makes the office betting pool more interesting!