March Madness???…How Crazy does a Billion Dollars Sound?

Once again we find ourselves on the verge of that frenzied time of year called March Madness! For most,  it connotes a time of great college basketball …and it is! But for those of us in Sales and Marketing…it represents a resurgence following the post-holiday slow down. It signals the start of Spring and sales tend to rise in most industries during the next 3-6 months!

During the past year, most of my clients have seen the power of synergistic social media and what better example can there be than the $Billion Dollar NCAA Bracket Challenge issued by Yahoo / Quicken Loans…and underwritten by Billionaire Warren Buffet.  Since Mr. Buffet is notoriously careful with his money, it must be said that the odds of picking every game right throughout the tourney are about the same as your chances of being bitten by a shark while walking down the street!

Be that as it may, the contest has already received over 80million hits and the participating teams have not even been announced yet! There are multiple ways to access the entry form  across several social media formats and while the risk of losing is practically nil for Yahoo/Quicken/Buffet…their companies are generating an unbelievable win by creating activity and impressions which will absolutely translate into higher sales and profits! This was a genius Marketing idea!!!

So what’s my point…every sales effort can be strengthened with a well planned and executed social media strategy and you should not delay …contact me today and lets get a little crazy during March Madness!