Casino Gambling…Not for Me!

I spent this past weekend at a casino and golf resort in upstate NY. While I was there to play golf, I spent some time in the casino areas…mostly for restaurants. I enjoy the occasional games of chance and playing cards in particular but the entire casino environment leaves me cold. They are noisy, garish, and always filled with a sense of desperation. While waiting for the valet to bring my car I spoke to a woman who had won and lost $800 that night. She told me she shouldn’t have come…she was behind on her rent, had no food in her refrigerator, and had recently lost her part time job as a cashier. It’s this type of desperate view, that somehow a casino is the answer that destroys so many lives. I’m fortunate enough that losing or winning a few hundred dollars is not going to really impact my life…but if it would, I certainly wouldn’t risk it in a casino!

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